Cabbage Diets

Jumpstart your weight loss!

Read here about my personal experience with cabbage diets and cabbage and why the actual cabbage diets are much easier and better than the one I started. I'll reveal here too, how I once lost 20 pounds in 5 months and some years later 40 pounds in 7 months (after pregnancy).

In the longterm I lost 20 pounds!

At the beginning of my weight loss carrier I lost 7 pounds in 7 days, but I cheated a little!

Altogether I lost over 20 pounds in just five months following the cabbage soup diet - lifestyle change included. This is now more than twenty year ago. For me this successful cabbage week was my kickstart to a healthier living and to a happier life.

My lifestyle changed

I love to eat carbohydrates and I hate "fat". (except of hidden fats in chocolate ;-)) Therefore it was "almost" easy for me to switch to a low fat nutrition after the diet week. Of course I could’t switch from one day to the other - but it was my longterm goal!

Repeating Cabbage Diets

I knew then, that whenever I lose control over my nutrition and fall back to my old behaviour I could repeat the cabbage diet week. But I didn’t want to risk it too often – knowing that the more often you repeat this diet, the harder it might be to get a motivating weight loss effect. In 5 month I repeated it only 3 times and always followed it by low fat nutrition.

So, If you decide to try this diet, please follow it with a weight loss program that offers lots of good, healthy, filling food.

Big plus: I started exercising

I started also jogging in the diet week (very slow jogging) and decided to keep it on also afterwards. After 5 years jogging I switched over to mountain biking. Nowadays I do a combination of biking and walking. But in fact I never stopped to exercise moderately 2 - 3 times a week.

Years later I lost 40 pounds after 7 months

Nowadays I don’t have any weight problems. One exception: I gained 40 pounds with my pregnancy some years ago (due to the hormones!) – but I lost them all. I couldn’t do a cabbage soup diet week – as I nursed my baby! But I added the cabbage soup in variations to my daily nutrition which was low in fat but healthy and valuable. That’s how I lost the 40 pounds after 7 months.


According to Prevention magazine, researchers at Penn State U. have found that eating soup before a meal can shave up to 100 calories off a meal. That could mean a weight loss of 10 pounds over a year!!!

Cabbage is part of our weekly nutrition

My big advantage was and is still, that I like the taste of cabbage and also all variations of cabbage. With the years I read also a lot about the high nutritional value of cabbage. That's why I dedicated a whole page to this theme. Nowadays cabbage is one of the most important vegetables in my kitchen.

And - If you don't like cabbage? Then switch to one of many other soup diets acccording to your taste.

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