Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet

Many people are searching the net for a cabbage chicken soup diet. Read here what such a chicken soup can do for you.

People are looking for a magic cure to the common ills they may be dealing with. They also might have an interest in dropping excess weight. Both of these goals are noble and recommended. However, it is important to point out that it is not always necessary to look for exotic supplements. In fact, some old tried and true nutritional items can work very well for improving health related issues.

Such a classic cabbage chicken soup diet can certainly help improve one’s health and vitality in a natural and inexpensive way.

Classic Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet Recipe

Consider the following recipe for traditional chicken cabbage soup. The common ingredients include green cabbage, onions, bay leaves, chicken breast, black pepper, sea salt, and a few other natural, healthy ingredients.

These items are mixed up in a pan with chicken stock and allowed to broil on the stove for about 25 minutes. Once heated, the soup is ready to be served and it makes for an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients.

Health Properties of Chicken

Namely, chicken contains a heaping amount of protein which is critical for the maintenance of lean muscle mass. This, in turn, helps boost the metabolism which keeps excess fat deposits under control. No, this does not mean that chicken yield a significant thermogenic effect but it does contribute to a healthy, lean appearance.

Again – the magic Cabbage

If you are an eager reader of my website, then you probably know that we praise Cabbage for its many health benefits. It is loaded with Vitamin C, fiber, and calcium among a number of other nutritional supplements. Cabbage is also considered a healing food and is believed to possess anti-cancer properties. (Cabbage contains beta-carotene which is a known anti-oxidant) Needless to say, that makes including cabbage into one’s diet a wise idea.

Weight Loss Benefits of Cabbage Chicken Soup

There are also many weight loss benefits associated with cabbage chicken soup. First and foremost, it is not a soup that comes with a higher calorie content. Often, a cup of cabbage chicken soup will contain barely a little more than 150 calories.

This is MUCH less than the high calorie cream soups that are commonly sold on the market. As such, those looking to cut calories out of their diet are advised to look towards healthier soups such as this one.

Low Fat Soup!

This soup is also very low in fat and the fat that is present is not the problematic saturated fat found in low quality cuts of red meat. The carbohydrate count may be somewhat high mainly due to the potatoes and vegetables.

However, these are natural carbs and not the refined sugars found in junk food. As such, they do not have the very negative effect on blood sugar levels as the other items would have.

How to shed some pounds with cabbage chicken soup?

There doesn’t exist a dedicated cabbage chicken soup diet plan on the net. What you find are several cabbage chicken soup recipes. Use our above presented cabbage chicken soup as a starter before your meal.

The soup will help you to cut portions of your regular meal, because it causes an earlier satiation effect. This again will lead to a weight loss in the long run as your total calorie and fat intake will decrease naturally.

Bottom Line:

In short, chicken cabbage soup makes for an excellent healthy item that makes a great snack or part of a larger meal. That is why it remains so highly recommended to the health conscious and to those who just like a nice cup of soup now and then.

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