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Would you like to buy cabbage soup in cans online? Yes? Then you have the same opinion as the majority of our readers here on

According to our poll on this website more than 90% of our readers would like to try healthy, ready made cabbage soup in cans. And even a recent poll in our Facebook community showed that a majority would like to test cabbage soup in cans, provided that it is healthy.

Until now you could buy such healthy soup cans only in German supermarkets or via a German website with delivery exclusively within Europe. However, most of our readers live in USA!

Good news: Cabbage Soup in Cans is now delivered to USA too!

After many years of research I’ve ultimately arranged a cooperation with a solid supplier where you can order healthy, low fat cabbage soup in cans ONLINE.

German "magical" cabbage soup:
Magische Kohlsuppe

cabbage soup in cans

The name of the brand is "No wonder" and the soup name is "Magische Kohlsuppe" - in English: "magic cabbage soup".

Don' get me wrong - self made, fresh cabbage soup is always the better choice. But from time to time it is great to switch to ready made low fat cabbage soup in cans. I know and buy "No Wonder soups" for several years and the quality is really top-notch.

Believe me, they have a much better taste than one would have expected from a "soup in cans".

The only thing you have to do is, open your can and heat it up - no boiling! Very easy and simple - you even don't need a tin opener... This is a wonderful and time-saving idea especially for those working all day in an office.

Ingredients: Magische Kohlsuppe "Frühlingsgemüse"

No wonder Cabbage Soup

As a special service for you I’ve translated the ingredients of the Magische Kohlsuppe "Frühlingsgemüse": (engl. Magic Cabbage Soup "Spring Vegetables")

Water, cabbage (20%), leek (6%), carrots (5 %), spring onions (3 %), Broccoli (2%), starch, stock (salt, marmite based on cereals, sugar, vegetable fat, celery), Marmite, vegetable broth (sea salt, marmite, starch, sugar, celery, onions, vegetable fat, seasoning gloves), parsley, chives, riboflavin.

Nutritional Value Magische Kohlsuppe "Frühlingsgemüse"

per 100 ml:
heating value: 28 kJ = 9 kcal
protein: 0,9 g
carbohydrates: 1,1 g
fat: 0,1g (saturated fat 0,09g)
fibre: 0,9 g
cholesterol: <1 mg
natrium: 3,4 g/litre

Please expect similar nutritional values for the other varieties.

Different No Wonder Magical Cabbage Soup varieties

While the "spring" version is only available in spring time you can choose from five other varieties:

- with Tomato-Carrot
- with Turnip Cabbage
- with Topinambur
- with Asian-Vegetable
- with Bell Pepper-Pineapple

Where you get them?

Bad news!!! It was possible to order those cans online at

This online shop offers many German high quality brands and I can highly recommend it. But in the meanwhile they don't offer the cabbage soup any more (January 2016) I regret!

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