broccoli and zucchini in cabbage soup?

by Alexia


First I'd like to thank you for your site. It has helped me tremendously.

I'm wondering if you are able to put other vegetables in the cabbage soup such as broccoli and zucchini, or should you strictly stick to the recipe?

Thank you!

Dear Alexia,

you are welcome:)

Of course you may add broccoli and zucchini to your cabbage soup too if you like that!
This is a very delicious variation.

All the best,

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Cabbage Soup Variations with Broccoli

by Michelle
(dublin, Ireland)

Hi there,

I was just wondering could I use broccoli instead of cabbage? My soup recipe is as follows:

I'm steaming my vegetables first- I only steam the broccoli & carrots, and I fry in low-low cooking spray the leeks and onions.

Then when vegetables are steamed I mix 3 cubes of chicken stock with a pint and a half of boiling water and add the leeks, onions, carrots and broccoli to the saucepan and pour in the chicken stock.

Leave it for about 20 mins on low heat and add more water if needed. Season with crushed black pepper and salt if required. Then when you think it tastes good put it in the blender. When blended throw it back on low heat for another 10 mins.

Is this okay? Will I achieve the diets usual weightloss amount using this soup without all the ingrediants on the cabbage soup recipe?


Hi Michelle,
thank you for your cabbage soup recipe varitation with broccoli.
It sounds delicious! But please watch your sodium intake and don't exaggerate with additional salt -the chicken stock is salty enough...

Of course you may substitute cabbage with broccoli and expect similar impressive weight loss results. Broccoli is a plant of the cabbage family with a high vitamine C content.

All the best,

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Is it possible to just boil a head of lettuce with salt and pepper and not have all the other ingredients? What is considered one serving of cabbage soup? a bowl? a cup?

Hi Rosie,
we don't recommend to boil only a head of cabbage with salt and pepper - although it seems to be a quick and cheap option.

Your aim for the diet week should be to eat as much cabbage soup as you can for best weight loss results.
This is almost impossible with that "plain" cabbage soup recipe.

The soup taste is much too blant to stay motivated for a week. To improve the taste you might be tempted to use too much salt which in return retains water in your body.

And of course the colour of your soup doesn't give you a motivating kick to eat more of the soup. Find here some quick cabbage soup recipes.

If these facts don't deter you then give it a try but use low sodium cubes instead of salt. Please post here your experience.

As one serving we consider a bowl of soup.

All the best,

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