Body Weight chart based on the
Body Mass Index (BMI)

Why the BMI is not always safe

Women and men seem to think of the body weight chart based on BMI in the same way they think of the pancreas. It's there and they know that.

But, what does it do and why do you need to have it? Many of my readers are confused about this. How is it related to BMI and how do you gauge BMI (body mass index) by comparing your weight to your height.

It is sure to alarm you if you check your own BMI and discover you are considered overweight or obese. If you work out quite a bit, your BMI can be easily misconstrued.

Not accurate for people who work out

This system of measuring the BMI in a modern woman or man is not accurate for people who work out. It is a possibly outdated way to assess the modern woman or man's body. People who work out quite a bit have bone density that is higher than those obsolete measurement scales are set up for.

measuring with waist to hip comparison is better

You will most likely be better off measuring with a hip to waist ratio comparison. If you find your waistline is larger than your hips, the risk of heart disease is far greater for you. It puts you at risk for diabetes as well. It may be very difficult for you to control your eating. You may need extra help to control your weight.

Only 8% of women have an hourglass shape

There is the alleged myth (not a myth) that men are strongly attracted to women with a small waist. In fact, if your hips are ten inches larger than your waistline, you should expect to look back and see a trail of lusty men following you. Smile. It is true that an hourglass figure is very desirable. But - only 8 percent of women have this shape so don't feel deprived if you don't. You men, it's all in the 6 pack for you to collect that trail of lusty women.

What really matters

If your body weight chart based on your BMI indicates obesity even though your waist is smaller than your hips, don't worry. It may not be accurate. All that matters is your optimal hip to waist ratio says you are healthier than the BMI would indicate.

waist > 31 inches puts you on a risk!

Just eat more vegetables to melt any existing fat off your body. Your muscle mass can be maintained by continuing to exercise. The BMI is only one facet and if your waist is less than 31 inches, you may well be healthy. If, in fact, it is above that measurement, it is a warning to guard your health because you are at a high risk of developing:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes

Eliminating saturated fat is a good start

If your pants feel a bit snug or downright tight, consider a new plan of exercise. If nothing else, take walks. If potbellies run in your family (not to insult your loved ones) that doesn't mean you must have one too.

It all depends on exercise and what food you eat. Eliminating saturated fat is a good start to any new program. Think of it as a health program. You can do it!


Set a realistic "Ideal Weight" goal for you and your body. And if you are really overweight check our healthy cabbage soup diet 2.0 for a motivational weight loss boost.

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