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Get here a very personal overview of the best diet supplements you can get. I’ll start with some recommendations, how you can supplement the cabbage soup diet week perfectly.

Last but not least I’ll reveal here also the truth about cabbage soup diet pills cursing on the net.

How to supplement the cabbage soup diet?

Which is your favorite cabbage soup diet plan? In case you are trying the "convenient cabbage soup diet 2.0", everything is fine. You’ll get all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need.

Are you preferring the classic old plan, then we recommend to take some diet supplements.

Vitamines and minerals help the body burn fat. With a lack of these diet supplements the fat will remain.

Although the cabbage soup diet is packed with nutritious vegetables and fruits, I recommend – when chosing the older versions - to buy a good multivitamin and minerals in your drugstore.

Protein Shakes

In addition it is important to supplement the cabbage soup diet with two protein shakes per day. With drinking protein shakes, you will not only stay very motivated, but your body will melt fat instead of the important muscle mass.

Check our Diet Resource Section for the types of vitamins, minerals and protein powders we recommend.

Natural Health Supplements

But even after the cabbage soup diet, it is good to know which health supplements work best for you. The health supplements we love most are the natural ones.

The truth about the cabbage soup diet pills

In Germany the so called "Kohlsuppen-Kapsel", cabbage soup capsules are available via Intenet. If you look behind the curtain, it is a British internet company which is retailing everything that might be profitable over the internet. The ingredients of the capsules are: cabbage powder, onion powder, parsley powder, tomato powder, celery and pepper powder. In addtion the capsules contain Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and also B 12.

You won't find any nutrition expert or doctor in Germany who would endorse buying these capsules or who would confirm any weight loss effect for these capsules.

Also me, I would’t recommend those capsules except you have money left for experiments. 3 packages for a month cost you approx. 50 Euros/70 USD.
In the meanwhile there curses also an english cabbage soup diet pill version on the net. Read here our alarming review: cabbage soup diet pills.

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