Banana Diet: Day 4 of the Improved Cabbage Soup Diet

banana diet: day 4 of the improved cabbage soup diet plan

With the banana diet day 4 you've reached semifinal and you're attacking your last pounds. In case you don't like the soup any more try and mix it to a "soup puree".

Bananas, Protein and Cabbage Soup

Your today's focus is on bananas, proteinshakes and what a surprise - the cabbage soup ;-). These components supply the vital basis which enhances your metabolism.

banana diet

Breakfast on Diet Day 4

You may eat only bananas or our recommended, delicious shake:

Banana Shake
1 big banana
1 tsp lemon juice
150 ml buttermilk
2 tbsp protein powder

peel banana, cut it in small pieces and mix it to a shake, together with the other ingredients.

For Lunch

... of course cabbage soup, simple bananas or again a banana shake.


Drink also in the afternoon the shake again.

In the Evening

Cabbage Soup again and a banana shake. By the way, the shake helps you even with your sleep. When you drink it approximately 1 hour before bed time you'll sleep like a baby. The carbohydrate-protein combination entices the good night hormone serotinin. That's better than every sleeping pill.

Tip 1:

There is no problem today if you prefer having your "yellow fruit" only as shake 4 times a day.

Tip 2:

You don't like bananas? No problem! A great banana substitute is papaya.

Tip 3:

Check your "cabbage soup stock". Maybe you wish to try out a new cabbage soup variation.

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