Atkins at Home - (Now PurFoods!)

works great for any lifestyle

Formerly "Atkins at home", now called "PurFoods" is a perfect solution for you and countless others to stay right on track. After getting a jumpstart with the cabbage soup diet, it’s time now to make plans on how to continue your weight loss. You want to choose the longterm concept that really will work for you.

You have started to take the first step in the right direction. Read here how PurFoods can help you to continue to be successful in losing your weight easy and simple.

Continue losing weight the healthy way!

Remember your objective is not only to loose weight but losing it in a healthy way. Once called "Atkins at home" - nowadays PurFoods is the perfect way to accomplish this and it works for any lifestyle. Here are only 4 examples on how PurFoods works perfectly:

for business women

1. You may be a business woman with long hours at the office and grocery shopping after work can become challenging and tiring. "at home" is your solution. You can go straight home and relax and enjoy a healthy meal while losing all those unwanted pounds.

for diabetic

2. If you are someone who is diabetic, it is important and crucial for you to eat on time. Why not get PurFoods delicious meals prepared under the guidance of professional dietitians and personalized for your special needs.

shut in a lot?

3. You might be a person who is shut in a lot and you do not have a way to get to the store all the time. Grocery shopping has become a problem for you. But how can you still lose weight in a healthy way?

Purfoods makes it possible for you to lose your weight in a nutritious way and it gets delivered right to your door.

often tempted?

4. If you are tempted to buy snack foods and foods that make it hard to lose weight all the time and if you are tired of counting calories and carbs, why not get "Purfoods" started for yourself. It is so simple that anyone can lose weight now.

Available in all states

There are many different situations and "Atkins at home" /PurFoods will always work out perfectly for everybody who wants to melt away unwanted pounds once and for all.

The PurFoods delivery is available in all States. So you can get this great service where ever you are.

Moderate prices

The price of your food per day is around 34.95 USD on the average. Considering the service that you get along with the nutrition and freshness of your meal, it’s a great deal all around!

unique program with fresh food

This weight loss program is unique because you will not get any frozen or prepared meals. According to your individual needs it is prepared under the guidance of professional dietitians.

The variety of these foods is extensive and there are no doubt many of your favorites among the selections. You are even able to choose your own breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

Delivered by Federal Express

The PurFoods service delivers your favorite foods every week with Federal Express. All the foods are prepared totally fresh before they arrive at your door. The unique gel packaging in custom designed coolers allows you to keep your food fresh for a whole week in your refrigerator.

a perfect solution for everybody
that wants to lose weight.

The cabbage soup diet has been a great way to get started in losing weight fast. So why not go online right now and call for your PurFoods meals and continue to lose weight week after week. This is one of the best ways to get rid of weight problems once and for all!

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