Almased Diet Review

The Almased Diet uses a powdered drink that is protein based at the center of its diet plan. This is a common way for many diet programs to structure their plan. Not all of the shake formula diets are the right approach however, even though they are fairly popular.

What Is The Almased Synergy Diet Shake

The Almased Synergy diet shake is a protein based shake, as you probably already know. The protein that is used in the shake is a soy protein.

Along with the protein, the shake mix also packs vitamins, amino acids and minerals in this diet shake.

There are no ingredients in the shake that will deliver fat burning or appetite suppressants for the dieter using this program.

While there are ingredients in the shake that will give better nutrition, the program is not centered around educating dieters about eating right and getting more exercise for long term successful weight loss.


The benefit of the Almased Diet is the nutrients that it can add to your already well balanced diet. There are no actual dieting benefits to the product, but you can use it to supplement your diet and help you to get the proper nutrition while dieting.

Great supplement to the cabbage soup diet

If you are doing the cabbage spoup diet based on the new plan with the allowed protein shakes, almased protein shakes are a great and healthy alternative!


For many the main disadvantage to the Almased Diet is that of most formula diets. They are rather bland and boring in the long run and thereforee rarely a solution to weight control in the long run...

Final Word

Dieting is a difficult task and the last thing that you need is another product that does not provide the ingredients that will help you to lose weight.

The benefit of using this product with your diet is the health and nutritional benefit that you can gain from the vitamins and minerals that are added to the shake mix.

In addition, you should be warned that this product uses a low carb and high protein approach to weight loss. If this is your diet plan, this may be the right supplement to add to your diet.

helps you to remain healthy while dieting

Dieting takes a great deal of effort and willpower. If you are looking to make sure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that you need everyday while you are dieting it can be difficult. The Almased protein will give you some extra nutrition to add to your diet and allow you to remain healthy while dieting.

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