Alkaline Diets

Read here what alkaline diets are good for and if they are a great longterm option for you after your successful cabbage soup diet week.

What's behind this concept

Alkaline diets are based on the fact that our body´s ph level is slightly alkaline. As a consequence our diet should be mainly alkaline too in order to keep the body in balance.

Side Effects of excess acid

An imbalanced diet leads to an excess of acidity in the body. This may result in a large variety of diseases. Chronic fatigue, headaches and frequent illness such as colds and infections may be the result of excess acidity. Pain in the joints and muscles and skin disorders often disappear if people increase the amount of alkaline food.

If you unsure test your acidity level

If you want to know whether high acidity can be blamed for your problems you can ask your doctor for a blood or an urine test to find out. If the test is positive it will be time for an alkaline diet. Such a diet consists of 75 - 80 % alkaline food and only 20 - 25 % acid food.

Which food are alkaline which ones acidifying?

High alkaline foods are: vegetables, all kind of sprouts, fruits, beans and legumes, nuts, seeds, oils, grain and most herbs and spices. Acidifying foods are: dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter, meat, mushrooms and potatoes, white sugar, honey and yeast. Drinking a lot of herb tea will promote the diet. Two liters a day will help your body to get rid of toxic material.

Even recommended for children

An alkaline nutrition does not only suit people with diseases. It also keeps the healthy people well balanced and helps them to prevent future disease. Even children should start to eat more alkaline food because they often consume too much sugar.

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