Alcohol and Diet

by Gina

Can I have a glass of wine or two on the fruit days? Or what about a shot of whiskey? I like to have a cocktail at the end of the day. Is there a cabbage diet cocktail?

No alcolol is allowed on the cabbage soup diet. If you cheat with alcohol you will jeopardize your weight loss as the problem with alcoholic beverages is threefold:

First, alcohol almost always leads to overeating and you will set the stage for binge eating. At only two drinks, your body craves for more satisfying type of food, and yet even more calories - a hidden diet disaster.

Second, alcohol almost doubles the calorie content of any type of soda, juice or mixer.

Third, an alcohol drink usually leads to more drinks...

Find here a special non-alcohol fatburner shake for
the fruit diet day:

Fatburner Shake
Mix in a blender: cut ½ Papaya in small pieces(peeled and seeds removed), juice of 1 orange, and 1 lemon, 2 tbsp protein powder and 1 cup cold drinking whey – mix 15 seconds. Enjoy the taste!


Can I drink at all while on the diet? What drinks are best? (by Julia)

Hi Julia, no liquor an no alcohol in general is allowed while on cabbage soup diet. Read here above our answer to a similar question.

Can we drink low-carb alcoholic beverages while on the diet? Dry white wine, vodka on the rocks, etc? (by Shasha - twin cities)

Hi Shasha,
No you can't! This is in deed a frequently asked question. Read above our answer in alcohol and diet including a delicious recipe for a fat burner shake.

Can i have Crystal light or Diet Soda? (by Ana - West Palm Beach)

1 glass of crystal light or Diet Soda per day might be ok when on cabbage soup diet, but the diet week works much easier without and also the purifying effect works better.

We are convinced that a cabbage soup diet week with too much light beer or diet soda might be very, very hard to stick to, as you’ll feel pangs of hunger.

A better option is cranberry juice. It has a very low sugar content and, it's usually too sour to consume it in high quantities.

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alcohol on the diet

by dee

what happens if you drink red wine on the cabbage soup diet?

Hi Dee,

Let it be! With red wine it will be hard for you to control your hunger pains and stick to the 7 cabbage soup diet week.

All the best,


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