After the soup diet

by Jamie

I am on day 3 and am trying to be proactive and prepare for the next diet when the week is over, as to not gain all this back. What are the best suggestions for coming off the diet and jumping onto another? Is low carb (Atkins) ok?

Dear Jamie,
being proactive is a great approach.
There is no single best longterm weight loss approach, because this depends on your preferences.

If you love carbs like pasta then Atkins will be hard and you should prefer a low fat diet afterwards. If you love meat/proteins then a protein based approach makes sense.

The more you inform yourself in advance the better. The following page is a good start: weight loss programs

One recommendation I can give to you (it is cheap and easy:)) is to keep the cabbage soup at hand also after the csd and use the soup as a starter before your regular lunch/dinner. With this strategy you may lose even more pounds in the long run.

All the best,

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longterm weight loss tips

by mrs maha faraj

I am 46 years old . My height is 169cm. My weight is 66kg. I have 30 percent of my weight muscles . I tried many diets. I wear size 28/29. I do 2 hours of body building plus cardio i have nice shape but i want to loose weight to look smaller. But I find it hard my face becomes tired.

I would like you if possible to give me seven days menu to loose 5 kgs I mean to reach weight of 60 or 61 in a long term diet. My body has 30 percent muscles and 25 percent fat specially hips i would like to loose weight on legs and hips.

And if posiible i would like to know if you can suggest me any pill name the keeps my skin and my face glowing and looks healthy (i mean i want the fat to be lost in my body not my face ).

Thank you in advance.

Mrs Maha Faraj.

Dear Mrs Maha Faraj,

first of all I want to express my congratulation to your healthy lifestyle and nice body shape.
As muscle mass weights more than fat this results also in a higher weight. In other words, if you have had a part of your muscle as fat you would weight 3 - 4 pounds less but your body shape wouldn't be as nice.

Your "problem zones" hips and legs are very typical female problem zones. It is not easy to melt them at all, without loosing important fat depots in other regions.

By the way, the most skinny women have to accept specific problem zones.

There are women that are skinny with increased tummy fat (perfectly hidden under a pullover)
Others like you have problem zones in the hip regions, mostly hidden by long clothes over the hip.

Dear Mrs Maha Faraj,
I'm not allowed to give you here any medical consultation - but this is what I would do in your case.

For longterm weight loss I would try to switch to a >low fat nutrition. Cut down fat, stick to your
body building plus cardio program, but try to include e.g Callanetics or Pillates exercises which concentrate on hips and legs.

These programs help to transform fat and/or strong muscle packages in "lean" and long-shaped muscle mass. That again gives you a slim body appearance.

In your special case I wouldnd't recommend the cabbage soup diet, because you have already a very healthy lifestyle and don't need any motivational kick.

But what you can do, is eating cabbage soup as a starter before your low fat meals. By doing this, you are earlier saturated, this again helps to shed pounds in the long run, and even purifies your skin. In combination with your individual fitness program you should see results within a month.

All the best,

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After the cabbage soup diet

by Danielle
(South Africa)

What can I do after the 7 days to ensure I don't gain the weight?

To keep the "new YOU" you should switch to one of our
Healthy longterm options

My personal favorite is a delicious low fat diet.

In additon you should try to start/continue fatburning workouts
2 - 3 times per week.

All the best, Gabriela

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