Low Fat Recipes -
after the cabbage soup diet

Delicious Lowfat Recipe Ideas for Weight Loss

Just preparing some low fat recipes may be all you need to do to keep your "new you" after the cabbage soup diet week. But you may also want to go one step further.

low fat recipes

Get here beside recipes low in fat also some essential tips which help you reducing fat on an everyday basis.

Use less fat than directions
call for it!

When preparing foods such as sauces, pasta, stuffings use less fat than specified. The dish tastes just as good if you use only half the fat or oil the directions call for.

Prefer low fat or no-fat dairy

Instead sour cream as topping in recipes use low fat or no fat yoghurt. Recipes calling for cream can be substituted by low fat milk or skimmed milk.

Prefer grilling, steaming and poaching

Prefer grilling, steaming, poaching, or simmering most foods rather than deep-frying. This also includes less fat in sautening and browning. Use pans with non-stick coatings. They allow you to saute many foods with just a vegetable oil cooking spray.

Shopping for leanest Cuts

Choose the leanest cuts when shopping for meat. Before cooking trim all visible fat from meat and poultry. Eat chicken or poultry only without skin.

Scrumptious Low Fat Recipes

Do you have the impression that eating healthy means saying goodbye to desserts and savory meals with added preparation time on top? Then these following easy recipes will have you rethinking. With these recipes you can eliminate the guilt and the fat, but not the taste. Youl'll find on this site several easy recipe ideas for you:

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LowFat Cooking Brigade

For excellent cooking results we recommend to use excellent LowFat Cooking Tools like a wok or a steamer:
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Deepen your knowledge!

For more background information on low fat nutrition I warmly recommend our low fat diet plans showing you 6 incredible simple ways to save fat. And last but not least our low fat snacks will help you snacking through your day without feeling guilty.

Special Warning:

Lowfat recipes are a wonderful alternative. They are however also a temptation - as nowadays these kind of recipes taste delicious ... Of course there is no question about it, that even those lower fat foods will add weight, if you eat too much of them...

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