Low Fat Diet Plans:

6 incredible simple ways to save fat

If you are an eager fan of low fat diet plans then you will love my list of six incredibly easy methods you can use to save fat. All are possible to do without starving. It's even possible to do it without effort or exercise.

Use Low-Fat Dairy Instead of Regular

Low-fat dairy does several things that will discourage the collection of fat on your body. A Danish research study theorizes that people may avoid absorbing fat during a meal if they eat or drink some low-fat dairy products along with that meal.

Refrigerate Your Canned Foods

On my website, I have mentioned that I do not recommend you eat a large number of canned foods. However, if you must, refrigerate them first. The fat in the food will rise to the top of the can. Then you can skim it off the top and throw it away before heating the food.

Soften Butter or Margarine

If you soften your margarine or butter by placing in the microwave or simply letting it stand on the table for an hour, you will not use as much to put on your bread, rolls or toast. It will save approximately one-fourth of the fat compared to spreading it when cold.

Order Steak Fries Not French Fries

When steak fries are prepared they absorb a lot less oil than French fries or curly fries. The fat count in the fries will be lower.

Dolma is a Good Food to Try

It will give you interesting variety in your low fat diet plans to try a new, foreign food. Go to a Middle Eastern restaurant for new ethnic dishes. There will be baba ghanouj, rice pilaf, dolma, lentil soup, and kufta on the menu.

Add Juice To Your Stir-Fry Dinners

Open a can of frozen orange-juice concentrate and use some to flavor stir-fried beef, chicken or port. It will give a rich savory flavor to the meat and vegetables. You only have to use three tablespoons for the average size meal. No fat is added and it enhances the taste. Try adding a little garlic too.

Do you have also some tips for those who follow low fat diet plans? Please share them with us!

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