Fat Burning Exercises: How to start a
safe routine when you are overweight?

Who wants to do fat burning exercises at the gym when they are overweight? It can be very uncomfortable to know other people are watching you as you perform exercises. You may feel clumsy when you do them for the first time.

There are many individuals, especially those who carry extra pounds, who simply hate the way fat burning exercises makes them feel tired. The thing is, and this is a matter of fact, after a few sessions, you will actually have more energy. 

Fitness is incredibly important and should be incorporated into your daily routine. It is central, not just on the cabbage soup diet 2.0 week, but every other week as well.

It's hard to decide where to begin though. It can start slow and easy and it can start whether you feel unfit or not. Your size doesn't matter either. I know it will help you to make your heart healthy (or keep it that way), improve the strength of your lungs and of course boost weight loss. Let alone the fact, that it helps improving your overall mood.

In the following I'd like to offer some good tips to get you motivated on an exercise program that will not take place at the gym.

Light cardio exercises are a good kickoff. You may choose from riding a bike or swimming. Maybe aerobic exercises in a pool would be a good start. Also, if it all seems too strenuous, just take a walk every day.


Riding a bicycle is easy on the joints of the overweight person. You can ride in the house if you prefer. There are stands made that will keep a regular bike stationary for in-home workouts. Then, you can gradually begin taking longer bike rides outside. Don't do too much all at once. I would like to see you have fun, not ride till your hands have callouses on them. Push yourself a little, but not too much.

Your extra weight will put stress on your wrists, knees and of course your rear end. Recumbent bikes are so much better for overweight people. You sit in these bikes like sitting in a chair. You extend your legs in front of you as you pedal.

However, they have the drawback of being so low that car drivers can't see the cyclist in the road. They are better used on bike trails or stationary in the home. Maybe you like to watch TV or read a book as you ride your recumbent stationary bike.


Walking is a great way to activate fat burning exercises. Even the most sedentary person can do it. Start out walking around your block or take your dog through the park instead of just letting him run in the back yard.

Walking is not the exercise that burns the greatest number of calories. But, it is something. Plus, while you are out walking, you will not be at home eating. Right?


If you have arthritis or any physical limitations, swimming is easy on the body. Do simple exercises in the pool and it does not harm your joints or make you feel pain you would feel if doing it out of the water.

Stretch your arms over your head while in shoulder-deep water. Stretch your legs. Also do a standing breaststroke or a slow-moving breaststroke across the pool. It will feel great. Shut out the fact that there are other people in the pool. You could also go at a time when it is not busy. There are certainly other people who swim there even though they are heavy. Try not to worry about anyone's opinion but your own.

Tip 1: Clothing

You don't need designer duds to exercise in. They just have to be loose and comfortable. Never wear workout clothes that fit too tight. In case you want to try walking - your shoes are important and should be the best you can afford.

Maybe it doesn't seem crucial to you. It is though. I wore some poor-fitting trainers one month and I suffered till I replaced them. You don't want to get discouraged about your exercise routine.

One more point. Make sure your clothes are cool. I don't mean fancy cool, just lightweight enough to be comfortable when you sweat.

Tip 2: Control your Heart rate

With heart rate monitors you can feel secure knowing your heart is not being overtaxed. When it improves it encourages you in continuing your exercises. I know it did for me.

Keep track of your heart rate to make sure it isn't too high. You could get very uncomfortable and it could make you dislike exercising. If this this theme is new for you...some times ago I wrote a comprehensive review about my favorite brand - the polar watches. You may want to get one of those.

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