Diet Scams:

Be aware of 2 actual Diet Scams

In this article I want to let you know about two specific new diet scams or better know as "Acai berry pill scam" and "Facebook Diet Pill Scam" you will want to beware of.

Acai Berries Can be a Scam

These scams may have Oprah Winfrey's picture on the page and, as you know, she is a very trustworthy person. She has always had a weight problem and so would be a good way for them to advertise. Some of the names are Acai Berry Boost, Acai Berry Extreme, really any name with the word acai or acai berry in the ad. New products abound so someone must be making money from the scam.

This is a food with some benefits. It does promote energy, which may help in a diet plan, but, it is not a weight loss solution. Acai berries do not cleanse the colon as cabbage soup does. The price alone should alert us that this is a scam. Some unsuspecting people have ordered the pills and used a credit card. Some months later they noticed they were being charged for the product over and over. There is a clause in fine print allowing them to do that, in many of the cases continuing to send the product on a monthly basis.

Everyone should be cautious about what they sign for on the dotted line. I'll tell you all about it in the information on the second diet scam I want to warn you about.

There is a Facebook diet pill scam going on too

If you are browsing on Facebook, a pop-up ad may appear on the right side of the monitor. It will give information about the secrets of weight loss. Some tell about celebrities who have reduced successfully with one plan or another. If you click on the link they show, it seems that you are taken to a diet article in a well-known magazine.

These scammers are clever and you will think it's a story published in a magazine as a review about the diet pills. But, you will eventually realize it is just a fake set up to appear that way.

When you click on the link in the counterfeit article, you are directed to the diet pill websites, where the product is sold. They make you a fantastic offer to test the product for a month for a small amount of money. The next step is they recommend two pills to take together. There is a pill to detoxify you and assist the diet pill in addition to the acai berry pill. It sounds like the deal of the century. But - there is a huge warning.

They do not make it clear that after the first pills are delivered at the low introductory price, you will receive a second order of the two pills within 30 days. They will not carry a bargain price. They will cost you $80 for each month's supply of each pill. That means your credit card is charged $160 automatically.

Unfortunately, you agreed to the automatic shipment and charges when you accepted the low introductory offer. It is in fine print. You may be able to reverse the charges, but plan on investing a significant amount of time doing so.

Anyone can be tricked this way. I hope this information saves many of my online readers from becoming victimized by these scammers. I now avoid clicking on any ads before I verify the company.

Old Diet Scams

An older diet pill scam that you might have heard about is the cabbage soup diet pill scam. I tried to warn everyone about it in this article. It is old now but could still be used in some other way to fool people.

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