This month we will be bringing you a series of holiday food "survival" tips and Christmas gift ideas. Let’s explore some questions and discuss some good options for this inevitable dilemma of christmas and holiday visits. For even more stress relieve we've added some tips how to choose the best christmas gifts.

December 3, 2007 Issue #5

Part 1-- Holiday Food Survival Tips
Part 2-- How to choose the perfect christmas gift
Part 3-- Healthy Community Feedback
Part 4-- More great things to come
Part 5-- Conclusion

1. Holiday Food Survival Tips

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December is here and with it comes the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The Christmas season inevitably brings visits from family and friends and sharing a meal or a little treat as food is an intricate part of the holidays. The problem being that a little treat here and there can lead to your jeans fitting a little tighter than you intended. What is more, it could even ruin your cabbage soup diet weight loss success.

It is difficult to refuse your hosts, however there are many different ways that you can limit caloric intake around the holiday season.

We have researched for you the best holiday food survival tips that you can use to keep sane during the wonderful holidays!

2. How to choose the perfect christmas gift

When you are deciding on a Christmas gift, think of the person you are buying for. Decide on what his or her likes and dislikes are and go from there. When you have a few selection to chose from, make sure that it is not a duplicate gift. There is nothing worse than hearing "I already have one".

Is your reciepient health conscious like you? Then we would like to invite you to look over our healthy gift section with gift ideas not only for cabbage fans.

An especially great gift for yourself or for people who are looking for losing weight are the famous slimming shoes called mbt shoes. Don’t miss to read my personal story.

Please allow me also to recommend two websites of mine both concentrating on gift ideas.

The first one represents gifts from germany for all lovers of german food and products made in germany.

The second one is dedicated to gifts from Italy and presents to you a wide array of modern and traditional Italian Gifts

White elephant gifts

Choosing the right Christmas gift can also be frustrating at times. There are some people who are completely impossible to shop for, nothing ever pleases them. For such a very stressful situation a "white elepant gift" is perfect.

Typical white elepant gifts are gift cards. With such gift cards you have the perfect gift because the recipients can choose what they want themselves.

Your best Gift ever!

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Learn how to create a website which earns you money and maybe this will be the best gift for you ever!

3. Healthy Community Feedback

If you like, WE will share all your contributions with the Healthy Diet Community that is being created. Comments and feedback are coming from readers all over the globe and makes us feel even more like a community.

The most popular area for contributions is still the cabbage soup diet FAQ. We have had a considerable number of wonderful questions, in recent weeks, about the cabbage soup diet and we have tried to answer all of them in the best way possible. Read what we have say in the Cabbage Soup Diet FAQ

Read here some actual questions and responses

Coffee and Weight Loss

skim milk versus whole milk

Why alcohol hurts your cabbage soup diet

Have some comments, tips or recipes that you'd like to share with the community? To view all your contribution options click here to learn more!

4. How to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions?

Expect to see some great new additions to in the next few weeks.

One exciting addition coming up is a section on "How to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions". A collection of helpful inspirations, tips, encouragement, strategy and motivation

5. Conclusion

This is the end of our fifth issue. I hope you have enjoyed it! There are many updates in store for the site, so be watching for the next edition of CabbageSoupXpress. I'll do my best to keep you updated on all the new and exciting things that are up and coming.

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So, until next year, keep up the optimism and focus. Working hard and following our holiday food survival tips will help you achieving your weight and fitness goals.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gabriela Rupp