March 17, 2011 Issue - #11

I just wanted you invite to join us on Facebook too!

Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 Facebook is about YOU... it provides lots of ways for Cabbage Soup Dieters, Dieters and yet-to-be-Cabbage Soup Dieters to interact...

o Wall
o Notes
o Photos
o Videos
o Discussions

Cabbage Soup Dieters will be there, of course. Cabbbage Soup Diet 2.0 Facebook is for EVERYONE, including folks who are interested in weight loss, but are still unsure ("cabbage soup diet 2.0! seems to be too good to be true").

Next monday we want to start a guided cabbage soup diet week on Facebook. Maybe you want to be part of this highly motivated group too?

Check it out... Follow along in the discussions, and check out the messages others leave on the page's "wall"...

But first become a fan of Cabbage Soup Diet Facebook by hitting the "Like" button on the following page:

Cabbage soup diet 2.0 on Facebook

You'll be amazed at what happens when people share about something we're ALL passionate about... the cabbage soup diet 2.0!

See you there! All the best,

Gabriela Rupp