November 2, 2007 Issue #4

Part 1-- Introduction
Part 2-- Brand New:
- Child Obesity
- Diet Myths (Part 2)
Part 3-- Pages to see:
- Longterm Weight Loss Options
Part 4-- Healthy Community Feedback
Part 5-- More great things to come
Part 6-- Conclusion

1. Introduction

You just might be asking yourself what our primary theme of child obesity has to do with a website/newsletter with a concentration on the cabbage soup diet. WE already know that the cabbage soup diet is not at all appropriate for children and adolescents. However, I have been receiving a very significant number of e-mails from concerned parents whose teenagers or younger kids have a tendency towards being overweight. This is the reason I decided to create a message just for them.

2. Brand New Additions to our Pages

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Child Obesity

To be perfectly honest, I am uncomfortable giving weight loss advice to children and teenagers for the following two reasons…

The first reason I do not focus too much on children regarding weight loss because children's bodies are still developing. Baby fat is real and children often do grow out of it.

Many children and adolescents have low self-esteem and their perception of their bodies is distorted because of the media focus on "thin is beautiful" while a little bit of extra weight isn't at all. Perfectly healthy teenagers who are not considered overweight email me all the time because they have a wish to be thinner. They confuse thinness with beauty or sometimes get teased by someone at school.

It is alright to want to lose weight if you really do have a weight problem or want to tone up, so don't get me wrong. But a few extra pounds does not make you less of a person. If you are a healthy person who is starving yourself to get thin, then weight is most likely not your real problem. The real problem is in your mind.

Learn, if your kid/teen is really overweight in our child obesity section.

Find also some facts about:
- the effects of child obesity
- the Child Obesity Causes
- the Child Obesity Treatment

And don't forget, Child Obesity is a family affair!

Diet Myths

Diet Myths - As announced, here is part two of our diet myths section! We worked hard searching out even more of the common diet myths to let you know the truth about them.

3. Pages to See

Now, over two hundred "healthy pages" grace We are sure you will find one that is new to you. Today, we'd like to invite you to look over our section about long-term weight loss choices

Here you can read everything you need to know to maintain your weight loss or even continue it after the end of your cabbage soup diet week.

Read here, why the low fat diet is my personal favourite longterm option.

How to create a website Have a hobby, or something you're just passionate about? Turn it into a money-making endeavor through your own website. You can do it too. Just read my story here to find out how.

4. Healthy Community Feedback

Were you aware that you can make contributions of your own to our website now? You can tell us of your own experiences, share recipes and tips on nutrition. WE will share all your contributions with the Healthy Diet Community that is in the process of being created. Comments and feedback coming from readers all over the globe has us excited. This makes us feel even more like a community.

At the moment, the most popular area for contributions is still the cabbage soup diet FAQ. We have had a considerable number of wonderful questions, in recent weeks, about the cabbage soup diet and we have tried to answer all of them in the best way possible. Read what we have say in the Cabbage Soup Diet FAQ

Have some tips or recipes that you'd like to share with the community? To view all your contribution options click here to learn more!

5. More Great Things to Come

Expect to see some great new additions to in the next few weeks.

One exciting addition coming up is a section with nutrition tips for the Christmas Holiday Season. Get our advice on fitness and nutrition.

6. Conclusion

This is the end of our fourth issue. I hope you have enjoyed it! There are many updates in store for the site, so be watching for the next edition of CabbageSoupXpress. I'll do my best to keep you updated on all the new and exciting things that are up and coming.

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So, until next month, keep up the optimism and focus. Working hard will get you closer to achieving your weight and fitness goals.

Wishing you all the best,

Gabriela Rupp