8 lbs in a week (2010)

by Chass
(Starkville, MS)


I did this diet last week and I enjoyed it..I started on a Monday, I happened to be off that day for Holiday, so it was perfect and I ended on a Monday morning.

I lost a total of 8 lbs.

Today, I still had some soup left over so i had it for lunch w/ beef and tonight i will have the remaining soup with baked fish.

Starting tomorrow, I will start on a LT healthy plan prob ALLI meal plan just without the pills..

While on the cabbage soup diet i exercised everyday for 30 min during lunch... Mostly the Eliptical..

I would surley do this diet again if needed. I saw it a year ago and didn't believe it would work. Now I am a believer.

Good luck to everyone!!

Dear Chass,

thank you for this inspirational story, I'm sure my readers appreciate your success story too.
I wish you best luck for your longterm healthy plan. Please keep us informed how you are doing.

All the best,

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I did it for 7 days and lost 8 pounds

by Jane Roth

I lost 8 pounds. I am kind of afraid to eat now I do not want to gain the weight back. It did kill my appetite which is good.
I was tired, needed more sleep and got headaches. Eat around 3 bowls of cabbage soup a day should I have eaten more.
It really took my hunger away.

Hi Jane,

congratulation to your lost 8 pounds.
To maintain the weight loss or loose even more pounds in the long run my recommendation would be to keep the cabbage soup at hand. Eat it before lunch and dinner and it will help you feel satieted earlier.

Some people feel tired or have headaches during the cabbage soup diet week. This is sometimes due to the detoxification process of the cabbage soup diet week. It helps when you drink more water or tea to purifiy your body from the toxins. Especially on the "vegetable days" you might feel that the carbs are missing - this can cause headaches too. A good tip: Nibble carrots!

All the best,

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