The 7 Day Soup Diet 2.0

a convenient seven day cabbage soup diet

This 7 Day Soup Diet Program is a convenient diet concept based on the successul cabbage soup diet. If you are like me a friend of exact and detailed plans with tips concerning
relaxing and exercising, I recommend to follow this program.

This detailed plan you'll get either in one of my diet books or you may order the poster below as high resolution poster in a size of 24" x 18" or other while following the link below.

7 day cabbage soup diet 2.0

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For best possible success I give you in the following some important elements
of the convenient 7 day soup diet 2.0 program.

(1) Breath by the book

Relax yourself, lay down and put a book on your abdomen.
Now inhale, push the book upwards, while using your stomach
muscles. Pull the book downward with the help of your stomach muscles when you exhale.

Make sure that your exhalations and inhalations are of
equal duration. If you breathe in to a slow count of three,
breathe out to a slow count of three."

Practice for 10 to 15 minutes and eventually after the 7 day soup diet program
you'll be breathing from your abdomen automatically
even when you sleep.

(2) Fasting and Exercising:

My special tip: Before breakfast go for half an hour outside and take some fresh air.
Daylight entices serotinin, the hormone for happyness – this brings you
in good mood and represses your appetite.

Activities wake up your metabolism. And activities with an empty stomach
let your meatbolism boost and help purify your body. You can choose between
walking, jogging, biking (but don’t forget to train with an optimal pulse rate –
make sure to read my article on pulse watches on this website.

(3) Mini Workout

Before any kind of exercise, not only while on 7 day soup diet, it is
important to warm up your body for about 5-10 minutes e.g marching on the spot will do the trick. In the following you'll find a quick and easy workout I've found on the web posted by Anjali Mukerjee.

Toning your Shoulders, Chest and Arms

Get youself some weights however two tins from the cupboard
can substitute well for weights.

Start with 'upright rows to strengthen your shoulders.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and put your arms
down by your sides. Now tighten your tummy and push your pelvis forward
(or tuck your bum in). Then slowly bend your arms, leading with
your elbows, so that your hands lift up towards your chin and your
elbows stick out to the sides.
Bring the weights up to chest level, then lower them
back down slowly, until your arms are straight - this all without hunching your shoulders. Don't lock your elbows.
Do three sets of ten repetitions.

Next, try the 'shoulder press'. Check your posture, making sure your
tummy is tight and your bum tucked in. Then, position your legs
in a split stance so that one leg is in front of the other.
Starting with your arms bent, your wrists at shoulder level and your palms
facing away from you, lift the bar above your head until your arms are
straight. Don't lock your elbows. Lower your arms until your wrists are level with
your shoulders. Do three sets of 10 repetitions.

Lower Body

Starting Position - Standing up with feet together and arms at sides.
Lunge one leg forward making sure that the back knee almost touches
the ground but never actually does. Now lunge back leg in front of the
other and repeat this "walking" motion across the room. Don't pull
any muscles by moving to quickly; the slower the better and the more you
will feel the exercise working.
Use a long hallway for this or go back and forth a few times in a room.
Do 20 lunges per leg. Hold hand weights if you are up for it!

Crunches for a sixpack ab

Lie on your back with your legs draped across the surface of a flat
bench, with your thighs perpendicular to the floor. Place your hands behind
your head, then raise your upper back and shoulders from the floor and
attempt to touch your head on your knees, now this will not be possible but
raise as far as possible.
Do 15 reps for 3 sets.

(4) Fat Burner Drink:

7 day soup diet

This is also nowadays one of my favorite drinks.

Mix together in a blender:
small pieces of ½ Papaya (peeled and seeds removed),
juice of 1 lemon, and 1 orange,
1 cup cold drinking whey and
2 tbsp protein powder –
mix 15 seconds! What a taste!

(5) Protein Banana Shake/Drink

The perfect shake for the "banana day" of the 7 day soup diet program.

Mix together in a blender:
1 banana, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 1 cup butter milk -
15 seconds, add 2 tbsp protein powder
and mix again for 10 seconds.
Enjoy this tasteful shake!

My Special Tips:

On the "fruit day" I make a nice big fruit salad with a little orange juice and
consume it the whole day. More valuable information on day 1- the fruit day you'll find here

On the "vegetable day" I steam the vegetables in a non-stick pan and add a little soya sauce, it's almost like eating chinese ,-) And here are even more wonderful tips on day 2 to make the vegetable day a success day.

Click here for more tips on day 3 - the fruit and vegetables day - it's my favorite day!

On the "skim milk day" or banana day 4: add non fat plain yogurt to the soup as one of
glasses of milk...tastes wonderful!!!  Find here more tips on day 4 - the banana day

Click here for more tips on day 5 - the fish and tomatoes day!

Check here how organic tomatoe soup in cans from Wolfgang Puck could be a great alternative on day 5!

Click here for more tips on day 6 - the poultry day!

Click here for more tips on day 7 - the rice and vegetables day!

Good Luck!

That's it! You know now everything you need to start this incredible 7 day soup diet program. Good luck, enjoy and watch the weight drop off with cabbage soup.

Don't miss also my information on common diet myths. They might help you to maintain your weight loss after the diet week.

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