7 day soup diet questions

by Lisa
(Paris , France)

It's day 5 and I have lost 5 pounds! I have been sticking to the the diet very strickltly (i think) but do please verify it for me.

1) I have been drinking an unlimited amount of pure unsweetened lemon juice with my mineral water throughout the diet (i love it) but is it allowed? I would say 1/8 of a cup every time.

2)I only ate bananas on banana day but are you allowed other fruit in addition to the bananas?

3) I have been using balsamic vinegar and soysauce throughout as condiments: in the soup, on the veggies, and to sautee the chicken and fish (today)...i don't use any oil though! i wondered if there is a limit to how much!

I read on another site that you can have 2 glasses of wine on fruit days. I didn't do it but this is contardictory to what you say. It's hard to know who to listen to (especially if you want to hear "yes to wine"!)

Thank you for your time!

Hi Lisa,
congratulation to your lost 5 pounds - this is amazing regarding the fact that you used soysauce throughout your meals.

3.) Our recommendations for soysauce "cheating" is to use not more than 1 teaspoon per day. This is due to the fact that soy sauce is high in sodium and might retain water in your body. But in your case you seem to be lucky...

Balsamic Vinegar is also an allowed cheating in limited quantities (1 Tablespoon per day!)

I'm afraid, but Alcohol - wine included - is not allowed on the cabbage soup diet!

2.) The only allowed fruit on the Banana Day are bananas - you did it right!

1.) the unsweetened lemon juice is a great tip for all other cabbage soup dieters. Lemon Juice - similar to the allowed cranberry juice is hard to drink in large quantities. It has a high Vitamine C content and is safe for the cabbage soup diet week. For most people, you included, it motivates you to drink larger qunatities of water, that again improves the purifying effect of the cabbage soup diet.

Well done!
I wish you successful remaining diet days,
all the best,


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Cabbage soup for all 7 days

by Jill

I made one batch of cabbage soup for all 7 days. I am worried that it will make me ill. Is this ok eating all 7 days without freezing? It's been refridgerated the entire time.

Hi Jill,
for a successful weight loss, you will need one large pot of cabbage soup per all 1-2 days.
You may refridgerate the cabbage soup and cook it then whenever needed.

Find here the directions for freezing: freeze cabbage soup.

All the best,

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Are bananas allowed on Day 3?

by Christine
(United States)

Since Day 3 is a Fruit & Vegetable day, and I've read the only other restriction is a potato, I was wondering if bananas were prohibited like they are on day 1?

Hi Christine,
NO bananas are allowed on any other day than day 4 of the cabbage soup diet.

All the best,

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Cabbage soup diet and Age

by popstarrocker

What is the youngest age you'd recommend for people to use the cabbage soup diet?

This depends when the person has fully grown up. For some this could mean an age of 18 years for others 21 years.

You should under no circumstances put a child or adolescent on a restrictive diet like the cabbage soup diet. For any other weight management program we recommend consulting with your pediatrician.

Generally spoken: Overweight teenagers or kids shouldn’t starve themselves; instead, they should make a transition to moderate portions and well-balanced meals. Parents should serve more vegetables, fruits and whole grains while putting a limit on sodas, sugary snacks and fried food.
Read also our article on child obesity

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Frequent Urination.

I urinated a lot on the first day of the diet, will this subside?

A Frequent urge to urinate is positive and part of the detoxifying process caused by the cabbage soup.

You should however be able to sleep 6 hours per night without interruption otherwise we recommend medicin advice. All the best.

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GAS on cabbage soup diet

by Hala

This is not the cutest of topics, but I realy want to know. I am starting tomorrow and I am worried about the "natural gas" which I am sure many have experienced during the cabbage soup diet. Any ideas on how to prevent it? maybe an addition to the soup or something.

Hi Hala,
there exist many options to reduce gas also called flatulence while on cabbage soup diet. I've dedicated a seperate site to this important theme.

The easiest option is to put some cumin in your cabbage soup. Check our the following link for more ideas: flatulence treatment.

I wish you a successful diet week,
all the best,


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