7 Day Diet Options

Seven Day Soup Diet Plans
based on the cabbage soup

Do you need a 7 Day Diet plan? Then you have come to the right place. Find in the following several 7 day soup diet options. The concepts are based on the fat burner cabbage - from the most classic up to the most sophisticated and new concepts. Choose according to your preferences!

Classic 7 Day Diet Plan

The classic 7 day diet plan is very rigid.
Advantage: best for cleansing and purifying your body
Disadvantage: hard to stick to, no protein
-> classic 7 day cabbagesoupdiet

New 7 Diet Plan Options

Before starting the above "older" diet program, please take also a look to the newer programs in the following that we highly recommend:

-> MiracleSoupDiet (Improved Diet Plan)
-> 7DaySoupDiet (Convenient Diet Plan)

Before starting effective dieting with one of the above presented cabbage soup diet plans, read in the following our recommendations to ensure a maximal weight loss effect.

Best Starting Day

What is the ideal day to jumpstart your weight loss? Of course not, when your partner is asking you to lose weight;-). It should be your own and free decision.
Avoid social activities while on the diet. Look ahead on your calendar for a 7 day period that is party and celebration free.

It just doesn't make sense to start your weight loss program during Thanksgiving or Christmas week.

Include Fat Burning Routines!

soup diet

I started the diet on a weekend as I made sure having enough time also for aerobic exercises or fat burning routines.

Prepare a shopping list ahead

Similar to other projects in life or job the success depends on a good plan and checklist. Many valuable shopping tips that save you time and money you'll find in my Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 - Shopping List

Drink Protein Shakes 2 x per Day

The newer plans recommend the intake of two proteinshakes per day. These protein shakes support your body to burn fat and prevent that your important muscle mass is lost.

On top the intake of proteinshakes has also a very motivating effect.

Our recommendations for
maximal weight loss

Body Wrap Recipe

An ideal step after your 7 day cabbagesoupdiet week could be to make a body wrap to tighten your loose skin. Find here the right "body wrap recipe".

Best After Diet Tip:
Keep the cabbagesoup at hand

Even when you've finished your 7 day program keep some recipes on hand. Whenever you're feeling hungry just have some of the "magic fat burner". You will benefit by using it as an appetizer before a party or a big dinner.

For more tips how to maintain your weight loss AFTER the cabbage soup diet click here!

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