3lbs fat in 7 days - mostly fat loss!

by Angela
(newcastle upon tyne, United Kingdom)

Hello everyone,
I have tried this diet, following it with protein powder (I highly recommend doing it), and I dropped 3 lbs (at least 2 of those were fat, I also calculated my body fat percentage before and after the diet).

Although I checked my weight yesterday, which was the 7th day, so it's possible that in these days I'll drop another pound or so.

I was on a diet already, so won't expecting to lose 10 pounds anyway. I noticed the diet is very cleasning, so it's good for cleaning out your colon as well and I didn't find it very hard, but I love cabbage and vegetables.

The soup does become a bit boring after a few days, but I pureed it and put lots of curry powder and chilli, and it tasted like a curry soup! was lovely!

Had some leftover which I have freezed and will eat in a few weeks. Now am back to a more considerate "diet", which I see as a change of eating habits for good.

I also have some recipe ideas, on the baked potato day, instead of the butter, I cooked some mushrooms in tomatoes and put them on top of the potato.

On the third day, I stuffed an aubergine (or a courgette) with mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs and chilli (I love hot food!and it's good for losing weight too!) and then baked it. If you use a baking foil, you don't need to put oil or butter. Put it under the grill the last 10 mins to make it crispier. Tastes really good.

Good luck with your weight loss!!


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love the added protein

by Yvonne

Hi I've been doing this diet for about ten years usually doing it two to three times a year. When i start to feel unhealthy from poor diet choices I start the diet and it gets rid of all my bad cravings exp. suger and carb cravings, then follow a healthier eating plan.
I found this site when surfing the web for recipe ideas.

I love the idea of adding protein and smoothies to the diet, I just started so I will see if I get the same result at the end of 7 days. It's a great addition to the diet. Your Cabbage soup site is now my fav thank you.

Hello Yvonne,
thank you for your kind words. I hope the csd week was a success!

All the best

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