3 Day Diet Plan

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Trying a 3 day diet plan based on cabbage soup could be a great idea. Read here for who a 3 day diet plan is perfect and why. You’ll get in this section also a detailed plan suggestion covering these three days.

Just to test the cabbage soup diet

You are not sure if you could stick to a 7 day cabbage soup diet plan? Then this "short diet plan" is exactly what you need to find it out. You'll get a rough idea what’s all the hype about it and how you and especially your body reacts. Better to have a small success in three days then risking to break a 7 day programm.

If you want to lose some pounds before an event

For your favorite party outfit you have 2-3 pounds too much or you are not feeling comfortable any more in your evening wardrobe. This concept helps you not being obliged to sell your fashion outfit at Ebay...

For a purer skin

The detoxyfing effect of the cabbage soup diet can bee seen already after three days with a purer skin. Also if you have problems with your digestion this program helps! This alone makes the cabbage soup a real beauty secret.

Lose pounds after the holiday hype

Always the same story? After christmas or easter holidays the same procedure as every year. You gain 2-3 pounds? Herefore exactly the three day plan is wonderful. Some days with cabbage soup and the "christmas sins" are forgotten.

You can’t stick to a 7 day program

Maybe, depending on your job, you haven’t the time to stick to a 7 day program. In this case a weekend cabbage soup diet is great. Of course you can repeat it from weekend to weekend and longterm you will have the same great weight loss effect like others repeating the 7 day diet plan several times per year.

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