10 pounds in 7 days but was it worth it? Pros & Cons!

by Melissa
(Manchester, UK)

I finished the 7 day cabbage soup diet yesterday. I have had a very mixed week. I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 10 pounds in total.

The first day was so easy and I really enjoyed it because I love soup, fruit and vegetables anyway so it didn't feel like a diet at all. I loved that whenever I felt hungry I could eat soup. It was filling and tasted great!

The second day was again very easy. I had lots of energy, I felt my body changing instantly and I felt great and really healthy!
The third day I started feeling a little tired, but nothing major and the weight was just coming off so it motivated me to carry on. I was also starting to get very full from just a little bit of food which was great!

By the fourth day I started feeling very weak and irritable. I didn't have any energy but I carried on with the diet.
I woke up on the morning of the 5th day and walked to the bathroom and almost passed out. My head was spinning and it really did take all of my energy! My stomach was all over the place, one minute I felt like I was going to be sick and the next it was absolutely fine again. I didn't feel like myself at all. I couldn't leave the house or get anything done. I just sat on the sofa trying to make myself feel better.

The 6th and 7th day were exactly the same. I went to Sainsburys to get some shopping and had to leave without half of the things on my list because I felt so ill and needed to sit down right away. I couldn't concentrate, It was like I was in a daze and I had to move very slowly in case I passed out.

I am 25 years old and I take vitamins every day so it was then that I thought if a diet can make me feel this ill is it really worth it? It obviously isn't healthy and even though I didn't feel hungry my body was obviously starving and missing some vital foods to make me feel like this.

Even today, after finishing the diet yesterday, I am still feeling light headed and not myself. My reaction times are a lot slower due to lack of energy.

So was it worth it? YES it was...
But not even necessarily to lose the weight!
When I started this diet that was all I wanted to do… Lose as much weight as I possibly could in the shortest time possible!
But even though I felt so ill on a few of the days because of it, it has also taught me some important things.

It has taught me about portion control and that I don’t need to pile food onto my plate to fill me up. If I choose the right foods I can eat less and feel just as full.

It has taught me that breakfast is very important to kick start the metabolism. It has taught me that if I am feeling peckish (especially in the evening) to reach for some soup or fruit... or even drink a glass of water. The feeling soon goes away and you don't add on the pounds! It has taught me that actually sugar isn't as bad for us as people make out it is. Our bodies need a certain amount of sugar to keep going. We just need to control the intake and not go over the top!

It has also given me a kick start to a better lifestyle. Now that I have managed a week it will help me carry on. I have switched to skimmed milk, taken all sugar out of my teas and coffees and started eating a healthy breakfast every morning. I have also proven that I have the will power to do it and stick to it... so if I can do that then I can change my lifestyle for the better and keep to it!

So if your thinking of doing the cabbage soup diet I would recommend you give it a go.

I did a lot of research into the diet before doing it, and a lot of people said that it is actually water weight you lose not fat. Some say that you starve your body so much for the week that as soon as you start eating normal foods again it grabs hold of it and stores it as fat so it is inevitable that you will put the weight back on and maybe more straight after.

I can't comment on this yet but I would say as soon as you come off the diet just keep up a healthy lifestyle and exercise a lot! If your exercising more than your calorie intake you will definitely lose weight and keep it off so I can't see how you would be able to put it back on... unless you went back to old habits again.

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