Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0

Jump-Start Your Weight Loss and Break Free from the Diet/Binge Cycle

Lose up to 10 pounds with the cabbage soup diet. Just imagine yourself 10 pounds lighter. You look in the mirror and see your happy smile framed in glowing skin that appears much younger and more relaxed than before. Picture how you will fit into your favorite jeans again, and watch the heads turn. Feel the power and excitement of this new you.

Go one step further and imagine easily refusing the offer of a piece of seductive, mouth-watering chocolate cake instead you prefer clean eating. Impossible? Unbelievable? It doesn’t mean that you will never eat chocolate cake again.;) But just for a moment, visualize yourself as the master of your food choices. You will dictate what you eat. 

Gain your self-control back

This is the lasting effect left on many people after trying the Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0. They experience what it means to regain their self-control over nutrition and life. More about it in a minute. First of all let me present you quickly what you can find on my website:

Mouth-watering Cabbage Soup Recipes

In this section you'll find not only the basic cabbage soup recipe but also many yummy, fiber rich cabbage soup variations like the "Munich", "Florence", "Bombay", "Buena Vista", "Honolulu", "South Western" and other styles. Read more...

Easy to follow 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet Plans

You can choose from different 7 day cabbage soup diet plans dependent on your specific preferences. Here you find the old, traditional plan but also newer plans with added dairy or  protein shakes. Read more...

Of course, losing a big chunk of weight by eating cabbage soup is very motivating. It happened to me too more than twenty years ago! I was thrilled with the results and nowadays I'm a big advocate of clean eating habits.

A game changer supporting clean eating habits

Does this success happen to all? No! The old version of the Cabbage Soup Diet was very rigorous and even risky for your health. It was hard to stick to it for a whole week, the soup recipe was bland, and many people gave up after a few days. Of course, it was difficult for me, too…but I was fortunate and managed the seven days with great weight loss success.

For me, this jump start concept was a real game changer. Like you, I tested many different "fad diets". However, this was the first jumpstart program that resulted in sustainable weight loss and a graduate switch to a clean eating lifestyle. If I managed this 20 years ago under bad circumstances,

I’m convinced that the plan in its improved version can be a game changer for you, too!

A successful jump-start concept

Did I say it is a long-term concept? No! The Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 is a successful jump-start concept. Not more, not less!

In other words, when you are looking for a powerful and motivating catalyst toward a healthy long-term nutrition, look no further. With the CSD 2.0, you have the perfect solution at your fingertips!

If you are like me, you don’t want to take a year or more to lose those extra pounds. You want a diet that works fast so you can see motivating, phenomenal results very early and build upon them. 

You are eager to burn your fat zones right now!

Although it was successful for me, I wished this seven-day program was more safe, delicious, and fun! So over the years I did a lot of intense research. The results of my findings are on this website. Here, I share my experience and knowledge with you throughout more than 2,000 pages. Learn from my first-hand experience and avoid the typical mistakes.

Maybe you have asked yourself, “What makes my improved Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 plan so unique?”

It is safe, delicious, and fun!

  • Safe: When sticking to the plan, you won’t risk melting your muscles. My improved plan allows the intake of two protein shakes per day. On top I’ve refined the concept so that you’ll never feel hungry.
  • Delicious: No bland soup recipe any more. You will find more than 50 delicious cabbage soup variations which are high in fiber on this website. Many of my valued readers shared their favorite recipe with us, too. On top, I’ll give you plenty of preparation and cooking tips that will help you saving your precious time and money.
  • Fun: Of course, you may stay alone if you prefer and checkout one of my books below. But if you need the company and inspiration of like-minded people, just join my forum and let us inspire you. And whenever you have any questions, feel free to post them there or contact me via email. Your questions are very welcome.

What to do after the seven days

Losing up to 10 pounds within a week is probably the easiest part of your journey here. You may be surprised to read that more than 70% of this website deals with the time AFTER the seven day Cabbage Soup Diet.

In the meanwhile I went even one step further and created a website including a 52 week challenge that is focusing on clean eating recipes, high fiber foods and healthy habits to make your weight loss stick. 

No need to worry. I will be there, waiting for you and helping you with ideas and tips for turning these seven days into a sustainable dieting experience.

Wishing you a healthy and successful journey to the New You!

All the best,

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